World Spark’s fifteen acre Las Trojes Campus is located 10 miles from Pátzcuaro, Michoacán and 35 miles from Michoacán’s historic capital of Morelia. Ringed by forested mountains, Las Trojes sits amidst verdant pastures and fields. Children and adolescents quickly respond to the beauty and serenity of the the Las Trojes Campus. As most  children come from urban environments, Las Trojes offers them their first opportunity to run on grass, pet an animal, ride a bike and experience the wonder of nature.

While at Las Trojes children live in one of three cottages with  no more than ten children per cottage and  two children per bedroom. Each cottage is supervised by a resident house parent. Although our cottages are equipped with kitchens, children take their afternoon and evening meals in the campus dinning room.

Las Trojes’s educational programs occur in one of five classrooms (including our computer lab and sewing center) or four art/activities areas.  The campus also features a media center, music room, infirmary, laundry, four sports or playground areas, bike and running paths as well as a chapel.

Las Trojes Campus

Las Trojes Campus

multipurpose building

Multipurpose Building


Cottages SW Quadrant




Community kitchen

 St Mary.

St Mary Cottage.


St Joseph

St Joseph Cottage.

St John.

St John  Cottage.



Cottage Playroom

Community Garden

Community Garden

Basketball - Tennis

Basketball – Tennis Courts

Futbol Field

Soccer Field